Only You

I only have you

When I can no longer carry on

The burden of the world’s problems, I know I can only rely on you

When even the drag of my foot causes friction…so rough it burns

I rely on you to carry me

When my tears reach the edge …holding onto everything

It’s you that dries them and brings forth joy

When they talk and spread lies

You soothe and block my ears…reinforcing the greatness I am

Day in, day out, I know you’re the only one that has my interest at hand

No ulterior motives… You know I can read the truth

But I still fight you even when you’re in my corner

I forget about you

Only remembering when boredom hits

Let me call and see what’s new

Then when you do speak I forget all that you said because I’m centred around me

My so-called problems even though what you went through was ten times worse

Your feelings shoved under the carpet, they can wait till I’m OK

And then I make these fake promises “I promise I’ll do this wen you do that” …then when you do that I can’t even remember what I said

Unbalanced scales… still rocking

And I do promise… One day

Queen is a lover of travelling and one of the ways she’s exercises her  creativity is through writing poetry. This is the first time she’s sharing her poems on a public platform. To connect (and convince her to share more!) follow her on twitter.