Inspired by the Ghanaian background, I present to you oil rice. The ultimate side dish when you want to make your meals a little more fancy (because even ordinary boiled rice can get boring!).

This takes 25 mins to make and will serve 2/3 people. Besides the rice and water you’ll cook it in, you’ll need oil (sunflower or coconut) and half of an onion. You can use any sort of rice for this recipe. In these pictures I used coconut oil and a mixed rice combinations of basmati and wild rice, although my personal favourite is Jasmine fragrant rice.



  1. Put 50ml of the oil of your choice in a pan to heat up.
  2. Add your onions finely chopped. Fry until cooked. Add 100g of the rice of your choice and approximately 150-200ml of water, or cook according to the instructions for the type of rice you can chosen.
  3. Turn down heat to simmer and cover.
  4. Cover and cook for 15 minutes or until all the water has been absorbed.
  5. Enjoy

Here, I’ve topped my rice with roasted tomatoes. Yum! It’s the simple things 🙂


Coconut oil rice with grilled tomatoes