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 Absolutely brilliant! 

Wow, I am lost for words. What a life and what a story! It’s no wonder Trevor Noah is the sensational person he is today. Incredible story, phenomenal story-telling. You cannot regret picking up this book.


Genius title. This is the autobiography of a mixed race man born during Apartheid in South Africa. Before I picked up the book, the only thing I knew of Trevor Noah is that the hosted a late night television show (The Daily Show) centred on news, I didn’t realise it was satire until I did a quick google search. I’m not even sure I knew that he was a stand-up comic. With a title like ‘Born a Crime’ I expected that I would be reading a book full of utter seriousness and gloom. Although I do not dispute at all that this book covers dark and uncomfortable topics, it is beautifully balanced with an ample amount of well placed humour.

I have to say that this is the best book that I read in 2018. Honestly –  no contender.

And I didn’t even read it 😉 (Courtesy of Audible)

Having his story read in his own voice made this autobiography all the more mesmerising. He is a natural entertainer, and deserves all the accolades.

I learned heaps I didn’t already know about the South African Apartheid, race in SA, about the country’s history and impact on government even today. I learnt of the different tribes amongst the indigenous black people of Africa and their associated languages (of which the author speaks many – clever man!). On top of that, Noah generously gives us a thorough tour of his life: from his earliest memories growing up in the township with his cousins and grandparents, living with his mother and abusive husband, and his adventures during school and college. What a life he’s lived! You will laugh and you will cry, you will be angry and you but you won’t regret purchasing a ticket for this emotional rollercoaster.

The beginning of this review starts with the review I did immediately after I finished listening on Audible. I do hope you got his far but if you didn’t and you just read those first couple of lines then that’s all you need in a nutshell.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars and I recommend it to everyone over the age of 13.

So currently, I’m a little obsessed with Trevor Noah. I’m watching his stand-up shows on Netflix 😀

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