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Now I got lucky with this book recommendation as it was the book chosen by BOTH my work book club and my social book club. Wonderful!

I had never heard of the book until it was mentioned in both settings, but apparently it was already garnering some popularity amongst the masses because its poster is plastered all over London’s underground. But then I wouldn’t have known that, because although a certified city ‘nine-to-five’er, I am amongst a minority of individuals lucky enough to be spared from the notorious Transport for London network affectionately referred to as The Tube. My job is a 15-minute walk away from home 🙂

Anyway, back to the book. I legitimately thought the title was not to be taken literally at all. Even after reading the first couple of pages, I found myself waiting for the punchline in this twisted joke… but it never came. This book tells the story a young woman with a distasteful habit of killing her boyfriends (I know right!), very transparently through her sister Korede’s voice.

Perhaps it’s because it’s a dark topic, but conflictingly relayed in a light, even nonchalant fashion, or simply because it is a short book; but the bottom line is, I got through it quickly. And please believe me when I say that I am a slowww reader. I just couldn’t put the book – kindle – down. Beside curiosity propelling me on with questions such as, “Will she ever get caught?”, “Why does she even do this?” and “What life event triggered the serial killer in her?”, the writing in itself is that guest at the dinner party whose magnetic personality makes you want to stay long after you should probably leave.

Braithwaite’s writing is gripping. It is simple and easy to follow without the distraction of an overabundance of description that can often take away from the momentum of a plot. She writes with a directness that can catch you off guard, and pairs this with just enough humour to keep it cool. I love that it’s set in Lagos, Nigeria and we get to read about a place not frequented in mainstream literature.

If there was one thing I could change in the book it would be for a more conclusive ending; some sort of closure. Nonetheless, My Sister, the Serial Killer is hands-down one of my favourite reads this year and for this reason I rate the book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Get your copy guys!

V xo

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