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In summary: go get this book and read it. It will help you in all areas of your life.

That’s it, that’s the book review.

If you must know more then do read on….

This book is about negotiating. ‘Negotiating’ is a word that I usually only every hear where work is concerned. “Negotiate your salary” or “negotiate your terms”. I never really thought of the word beyond the place of work.

Negotiate means to achieve, arrange or agree to something by having formal discussions with someone (Cambridge Dictionary). By my very nature, I don’t think resistance, conflict or any sort of back-and-forth. I know that compromise can make for unhappy individuals… Basically, the point I’m making is that negotiation is never something that I welcome. However, even from the bleachers where I try to remain obscured, through observing negotiation in my natural environment whether at home, work or in social settings, it is undeniable how good negotiation comes with great reward.

Back to the book, Never Split the Difference is written by renown FBI kidnapping negotiator Chris Voss and it is a real gem. In all honesty, if you took just 3 of the dozens of points in the book and applied them in your everyday conversations, it would transform your relationships – both professionally and personally.

The book is filled with a wealth of practical keys backed with real-life scenarios as serious as hostages held for ransom, as relatable as having an invoice paid on time, and as simple as flipping a situation where a man’s landlord was looking to increase rates to him walking out of their meeting having agreed that his rent would actually be decreased! And all of this is broken down in a very easy to follow way. The book is so wholesome, the first time reading it it’s almost like taking a bite of food and not thoroughly chewing it before swallowing. Because there is just so much to be unpacked.

I’ve read it once before and there is no doubt that I will be re-visiting this one very soon.

5/5 guys, get your copy today if you can!

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