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I first heard about this book back in 2018 at the UK Black Business Show where the brilliant David McQueen was on the panel there. It was the first time that I had been to the show and it was the first time coming across David McQueen, an entrepreneur, professional facilitator, world-class speaker and executive coach.

I was supposed to be attending with one of my good friends but she wasn’t feeling well so I ended up going alone and it honestly was a real blessing to be in the building with hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of Black Brits showcasing their businesses while others like me were present to take it all in. What a show!

This year, the UK Black Business Show is scheduled to take place on Saturday 10 October at QEII centre in London and I cannot wait!

So, back to the book. The Magic of Thinking Big is a self-help book that was first published in 1959. This book is jam packed with gem after gem, and in the way of real gems, they have not lost their value of the decades. The key lessons in this book are ever relevant today in 2020 and no doubt they will be in the decades to come.

Each lesson is supported by practical real-life examples and comes with worksheet type tasks that challenge the reader to test each of the principles split over the following 13 chapters:

  1. Believe you can success and you will
  2. Cure yourself of excusitis, the failure disease
  3. Build confidence and destroy fear
  4. How to think big
  5. How to think and dream creatively
  6. You are what you think you are
  7. Manage your environment: go first class
  8. Make your attitudes your allies
  9. Think right toward people
  10. Get the action habit
  11. How to turn defeat into victory
  12. Use goals to help you grow
  13. How to think like a leader

This is not a book you read just once.

I rate this book 5 stars. You can get your copy on Amazon.

Happy reading!!!


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